Platinum Janitors Cart The Works

The Works pre-configured Platinum Cart is the most complete system available in the market designed for flat mopping cleaning
Pre-configuration includes:
1x165534 JC-3000ZX Platinum Janitors Cart Mark II
1x165505 JA-015H Platinum Security Hood Kit
1x165500 JA-010M Plat Jan Cart Cabinet Assembled
1x165508 JA-022 Platinum Flat Mop Bucket Bracket Frame
1x165509 JA-023 Plat Jan Cart 3 Mop Bracket
1x165475 IW-058R Flat Mop Bucket Red
1x165473 IW-058B Flat Mop Bucket Blue
2x165472 IW-057 Translucent Bucket Lid
1x165481 IW-101 Nonslip A-Frame Caution Sign Yellow
1x166903 B-11116PB Platinum Lobby Pan Set Blue
1x169000 Fluid Bacteriostatic Kit Blue
1x164659 B-11548-B Telescopic Handle Blue
1x164661 B-11548-R Telescopic Handle Red
2x165654 MF-060 400Mm Fluid Alum Flt Mop H
1x165660 MF-061 400Mm Fluid Glide Pad 2Pk
1x165661 MF-064B Fluid Dry Disposable Pad Blu 50P
1x165670 MF-073B Dx1 450Mm Pad Blue 10Pk
1x165672 MF-073R Dx1 450Mm Pad Red 10Pk
1x165637 MF-035VB Value M/Fib Cloths 10Pk Bl
1x165638 MF-035VG Value M/Fib Cloths 10Pk Gr
1x165639 MF-035VR Value M/Fib Cloths 10Pk Re
1x151614 Multiduster Maxi
1x151723 Multiduster Maxi Sleeve
1x164737 B-12144-B Aluminium Handle Holder Blue

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