4 Row Wire Brush - Plastic Stock

Oates Brazing Brushes are used to professionally remove scales, chips, dirt, burns, paint and rust. They are used as a preparation tool for welding, soldering or brazing. Oates is recognised for using only the finest wire materials to ensure flawless results are achieved and that the bristles are kept firmly in place.
Oates Steel Wire Brushes are hard wearing, offering a highly durable cutting action. They are also most appropriate for work on steel and iron work pieces. Stainless steel wire brushes are suitable for work on stainless steel and aluminium fabricated products and for use on areas that come in contact with food and in higher heat, moisture or humidity situations such as on oven conveyors and barbeques.

Product Benefits:

  • Plastic handle is impervious to most oils, thinners and brake fluids
  • Ideal for use in mechanical workshops
Description Color Size(cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Old.no Pieces/pack
4 Row Wire Brush - Plastic Stock n/a 30 x 3 x 4.5 164905 60 B-14030 1

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