Make everyday cleaning an easy job

With a passion for cleaning that is always alive, Oates has kept on supporting you for almost a century in making your everyday job an easy one.

We offer an extensive array of cleaning products to address diverse cleaning needs. Tailored solutions to specific tasks, surfaces, and environments to enhance efficacy. We support you with comprehensive product catalogues, brochures, flyers, and online resources that detail the specifications, applications, and benefits of our cleaning products.

Armed with in-depth product knowledge, our sales team is always willing to assist you in understanding the features and benefits of our professional cleaning solutions. Regular communication, market analysis, and problem resolution contribute to a seamless partnership.

We offer training programs to educate our customers on the features and benefits of our cleaning products. Ensure they understand the proper usage and application methods for each product.

We conduct live product demonstrations or provide video tutorials showcasing the effectiveness of our cleaning products. This hands-on approach can help distributors understand how to use the products optimally.

Find out more about the quality of our products, when to use which hygienic cleaning method and how you can ensure a perfect job done with Oates.