Infection prevention is everyone's business

Upholding hygiene standards with Oates

We need to acknowledge the fact that infection prevention is everyone’s business. It is not solely in the interest of healthcare professionals and care workers to have a clean and disinfected environment. We all need to do our part in any sector and we all play a vital role when it comes to infection prevention and keeping people safe.

Infection prevention looks at ‘all activities aimed at breaking the infection chain’. This is important for any hygienic cleaning process to protect everyone who enters a building, because: germs do not move by themselves. They are dependent on indirect transmission (people touching surfaces), direct transmission (people coming into contact with each other or animals) as well as other transmission routes such as coughing, sneezing or even food.

Working hygienically in all sectors has increased in recent years. However, now is the time to refresh hygienic cleaning guidelines, measures and equipment to significantly reduce the risk of transmission in your premises. Take a look at these important aspects:

  • Cleaning frequency
  • Cleaning Protocols
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Personal Hygiene Measures

Oates offers you important guidelines and tips on infection prevention and how to uphold hygiene standards.

Find out more about the quality of our products, when to use which hygienic cleaning method and how you can ensure infection prevention with Oates.