Cleaning Shopping Premises with Oates


Cleaning shopping centers is pivotal not only for hygiene but also for shaping visitors' perceptions. A well-maintained and clean shopping environment significantly influences how visitors perceive the overall shopping experience.

To maintain a positive perception, shopping centers should invest in regular and thorough cleaning practices, addressing high-traffic areas, restrooms, and frequently-touched surfaces. Clear signage promoting cleanliness efforts can also communicate the commitment to a safe and pleasant shopping environment.

Our retail cleaning solutions are tailored to elevate the cleanliness of your stores, catering to diverse scenarios such as supermarket cleaning, shopping mall upkeep, retail park maintenance, and general retail cleaning.

We understand the importance of efficiency in retail environments, where cleaning operators must work swiftly and discreetly to avoid disruptions during trading hours.

Oates provides solutions that prioritize simplicity and speed, ensuring a safer cleaning process with minimal impact on customers, staff, and stock. By accelerating the cleaning process, our products boost your staff's productivity and decrease costs while reducing the reliance on chemicals.


Contact us to discover how our products can specifically meet your needs and benefit your retail environment. Allow us to provide tailored advice for an optimized cleaning experience.

Investing in safer retail cleaning reaps multiple benefits


By opting for our user-friendly solutions and ergonomic products, you not only provide your staff with the most effective tools for efficient work but also mitigate personnel absenteeism resulting from injuries. Maintaining a dry floor is crucial. Slips and trips still account for high percentage of major injuries in retail stores – no other hazard causes more accidents.

Our retail cleaning products and recommended usage methods ensure the floor remains almost dry, reducing the risk of accidents significantly.


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