Oates Solutions to Clean Food Areas

Cleaning is an integral part of ensuring food safety in any food-related establishment, including restaurants, kitchens, and catering facilities. Proper cleaning practices help prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses, maintain a hygienic environment, and comply with health and safety regulations.

Develop and regularly review a comprehensive hygiene plan that covers all aspects of your operation.

When it comes to product, it is important to have a system of color-coded utensils in place to prevent cross-contamination. There are various options available, but we suggest to choose between durable and single-use microfibre cleaning based on your specific requirements. and overall prefer cleaning products that align with HACCP principles. To maximize the results and ensure the longevity, it is recommended to train cleaning staff on the proper use and maintenance of utensils to ensure longevity is critical.

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Ensuring HACCP compliant cleaning in food processing areas is essential for maintaining hygiene standards


In Australia, HACCP principles are widely adopted and integrated into the food safety management systems of businesses involved in food production, processing, and handling. HACCP principles to cleaning processes ensures a systematic approach to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards. It helps prevent hazards, reduce the risk of contamination, and contribute to overall food safety and quality.

To meet contemporary expectations in food safety, Oates has developed user-friendly products tailored for restaurants and kitchens; microfibre cloths, scourers, squeegees, brooms and brushes most available in color-coded to prevent cross-contamination.


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