Fluid Dry Dispomop Pad

Floor dust is proven to be the major source of bacteria that we breathe in as we re-suspend it by simple air displacement. Since one gram of dust can carry up to 1.5 million bacteria, dust elimination constitutes the most important stage in maintaining a hygienic environment.
Dry Dispomop is a magic 100% microfiber alternative to this outdated method. It works by electrostatic effect, attracting the dust dry like a magnet. No more dirty floors! The Dry Dispomop gauze is nearly 3 times thicker than a soaked gauze and never tears. It is placed without stooping onto a classic Hook & loop device equipped with a PAD.
Dry Dispomop can be discarded after use for greater hygiene, preventing the transfer of dirt to washing machines. It will save you precious time and win over even those most reluctant to undertake this stage of cleaning essential to good hygiene.

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