Odaban E

Odour absorber

To remove putrid odours from carpet and hard floors surfaces has always difficult due to the many thousands of odour types. ODABAN E is one of very few chemicals available that actually combines with un-pleasant odours to create a non-odour. The presence of a quaternary ammonium compound neutralises most of odour causing bacteria and leaves long lasting pleasant fragrance.

Product Benefits:

  • Safe for use on wool fibres.
  • Removes rotting food odours, pet urine odours and cigarette odours
  • Drains deodorised
  • Replace odours with a fresh spicy aroma
  • Neutralises odours caused by bacteria
Description Color Size(cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Old.no Pieces/pack
Odaban E n/a 5L 165193 3 CHRC-209015A 1

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