High Foam Cleaner/Degreaser

Powerful water-based degreaser suitable for use in the food industry to remove grease and fats from floors, walls and equipment used in food, fish, poultry meat and dairy industries. Can be applied by mop and bucket, spray/wipe, broom and pressure rinse. It may be applied by low pressure foaming equipment for maximum contact time on the surface prior to rinsing. It is ideally suited for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Use for all spray and wipe applications or manual scrubbing operations follow by a potable water rinse.

Product Benefits:

  • Various application methods make it extremely versatile
  • Particularly effective on protein build-up
  • Approved for use in Export Registered Meat Establishments (formally known as AQIS)
Description Color Size(cm) Case Packs/case Pieces/pack
Breakaway n/a 5L 165227 3 CHRC-36015A 1

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