Low Foaming & Neutralising Floor Cleaner

Excellent for general cleaning of polished floors, vinyl and is the preferred maintenance cleaner terrazzo and ceramic tiles to maintain slip resistance. In addition to general cleaning this product was developed specifically for cleaning prior to glazing at between 1000 – 2000 RPM.

Product Benefits:

  • Low foaming formulation ideal for automatic equipment
  • Cuts through greasy, soils spillages and dislodges black heel marks
  • Leaves no residue which helps to prevent re-soiling and maintain a shiny floor
  • When used regularly, floors maintain gloss and requires less frequent stripping
Description Color Size(cm) Case Packs/case Pieces/pack
Neutraclean n/a 15L 165220 1 CHRC-33015 1
Neutraclean n/a 5L 165221 3 CHRC-33015A 1

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