Builders Kleen

Scale remover

BUILDERS KLEEN provides an ideal cleaning solution to clean brick walls. It is an organic salt solution and is non-fuming. However in the presence of reactive deposits such as calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate BUILDERS KLEEN behaves just like hydrochloric acid, rapidly dissolving scale and calcium deposits. It’s fast acting and easy to use. See below for further application details.

Product Benefits:

  • Fast acting and clean heavily soiled tile & grout surfaces
  • A powerful descaler
  • Removes rust and iron deposits
  • Excellent for brick cleaning and the removal of excess grout and mortar
  • Lower hazard compared to traditional acid base formula
Description Color Size(cm) Case Packs/case Pieces/pack
Builders Kleen n/a 5L 165158 3 CHRC-15005 1
Builders Kleen n/a 15L 165159 1 CHRC-15015 1

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