Paperfree PRO: paperless software to convert paper into digital.

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  • Save time by digitising all your existing forms

  • Have a standardised and more professional style for your data

  • Accessible from anywhere with PC, smartphone or tablet

  • Analyse, share and store your forms into one central system

  • Select who gets access to the information

Find out how the iQonnect Paperfree PRO module works. 

Replace your paper-based documents and forms by digitizing them with our iQonnect paperless software module. Store all relevant documents digitally so they are easily accessible from anywhere and your device of choice (PC, smartphone, tablet). Save time by creating checklists, forms, questionnaires or any other document that you process manually and offline today.

Activate them in iQonnect and give access to entitled personnel. Capture everything that matters, such as customers’ feedback, order forms, logbooks, training protocols and even build your own custom-made processes like quality control or others.


Adjust your forms easily with the rich form builder interface.


Adjust your forms easily with the rich form builder interface.

  • Create almost any form and checklist by using the rich form builder interface
  • Assemble your checklists with various types of questions: simple yes or no questions, drop down choices, free text fields, fields associated with custom tables, photo requests, schedules, even GPS coordinates, and many more
  • Align questions in a checklist to one column and visually group them by categories for better readability

Polish your forms to the max.


Polish your forms to the max.

  • Use the paperless software to add images and illustrations in between form questions, for example, as visual manuals or instructions on how to complete a task
  • Upload a form directly into the cloud and push it to the controller for review, who can modify fields, add own information and finally submit it

Paperless software for more efficient communication.


Paperless software for more efficient communication.

  • Automatically create a PDF after form submission with all information including timestamp and username of issuer
  • Send the PDF automatically to users or a list of users
  • Set access rights for each questionnaire to control who should use which form
  • The submission of all data is registered in the cloud in real time and is instantly accessible to all approved users in portal, apps and BI reports via the Report PRO module

Why go paperless?

  • Easy access to data when needed for audits or other documentation reasons
  • Saves you time when you need to find a specific document
  • Sharing knowledge and documents is easier
  • Be flexible and access your data from anywhere by storing it on the cloud
  • You also get limitless storage
  • Your data on the cloud is safe and cannot be damaged like paper-based documents
  • Keep your employees happy by automating processes, this will make them more productive
  • Reducing waste is good for the planet

Start now to upside your business!


Start now to upside your business!

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