Report PRO: the reporting software to improve reports and gain business insights.


  • Create any kind of report and save time

  • Gain important business insights

  • Standardise your reporting and get better reports

  • Use the complete database of all your iQonnect modules

Find out how the iQonnect Report PRO module works. 

Easily create any kind of reports with iQonnect Report PRO – based on the complete online database of all your iQonnect modules. Aggregate a lot of historical or live data and present it in simple and valuable views.

Report PRO is a highly comprehensive and flexible software, that offers everything needed to analyse and visualise data. Build live real-time pivot tables with filters, quickly rewind to relevant histories including date selection, create pie charts and bar charts and many more.

Report PRO is the module that can be used with almost any iQonnect configuration for a better process visualization and -control.

Gain business insights and standardize your reporting, save precious time and get better reports.

Create professional dashboards from everywhere.


Create professional dashboards from everywhere.

  • Use more than 10 default dashboards preconfigured in iQonnect for Fix it PRO, Time PRO, Paperfree PRO and other modules
  • Create your own customised dashboards of any form and content based on the individual configuration of your iQonnect platform
  • Use multiple dashboards at the same time
  • Access all dashboards from the web portal and your mobile

Use all the magic to report your work.


Use all the magic to report your work.

  • Allocate access rights for each dashboard to limit data sharing for different roles in the company – cleaners, management or even end users
  • Use a wide set of widgets and filters in dashboards, like date time selectors, drop down menus, pie charts, scatter plots, bar charts, tables and pivot tables
  • Each data point in the dashboard can be expanded for diving into deeper levels of detail
  • Each dashboard can be easily exported to many formats including Excel sheets

Start now to upside your business!


Start now to upside your business!

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