Fix it PRO: the service software to manage complaints better and fix issues faster.


  • Direct interaction between customer and cleaner

  • Fix any issue faster and smoother

  • React more precisely to customer complaints and strengthen the relationships

  • Improve client satisfaction and increase customer retention

Find out how the iQonnect Fix it PRO module works. 

The better you communicate, the better the relationships with your customers. This module provides useful tools that enable direct interaction between customer and contract cleaner, tracking and registering every activity or reaction in the cloud.

iQonnect Fix it PRO is fully DKS-compatible and, unlike common messengers, it stores all data and conversations in the company‘s secure cloud. So, all the information, photos and data used in your cleaning jobs are stored safely and remain in the company even when employees leave.

React faster on end user complaints, extra work requests and better fix your customer‘s problems with Fix it PRO – to improve client satisfaction and increase customer retention.

Create and share tickets easily.


Create and share tickets easily.

  • Your customers easily create new cleaning issues or complaints
  • Tickets with photos of the problem and its description can be quickly submitted
  • The contract cleaner gets the ticket immediately
  • If Automate PRO is activated, a push notification is sent to the smartphones of the team-leaders or managers depending on the issue category set by the end user

Define each ticket status.

  • Each ticket can be in either open or closed status
  • The access rights to close these tickets are configurable, so you can determine who can close the process
  • All incoming issues are displayed, so all users having access to the site can see the ticket through the webportal or their smartphone – but push notifications can be configured by user or role

Fix it from everywhere.

  • Fix it PRO can be used either on mobile or the web-portal with no limitations
  • Within each issue there is a chat where cleaners, team leaders and end users can leave messages with photos and communicate to each other
  • All tickets are stored in the cloud in real time, the aggregated data can be easily analysed in any cross-sections with Report PRO

Start now to upside your business!


Start now to upside your business!

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