Automate PRO: the information software to automate processes and trigger actions.


  • Generate important information automatically

  • Trigger simple workflows under predefined conditions

  • Improve transparency and speed of response to customer requests

Find out how the iQonnect Automate PRO module works.

There are many communication and work processes that can be automated according to a clear if-then rule. Set rules and conditions to activate simple workflows and actions based on your KPI’s with the iQonnect module Automate PRO. Configure notifications, activate automatic actions and elements of sensor-based cleaning.

Send emails or push notifications automatically if a form or complaint with a specific answer to a question is submitted, e.g. a customer in a report-call indicates that he is not satisfied.

You clean like a PRO, communicate like a PRO.

  • Trigger events and run actions based on submitted forms (Paperfree PRO), generated tickets (Fix it PRO) or device updates (Asset PRO)
  • Check various conditions like filter types of forms, topics of tickets or fixed threshold values
  • Set conditions for form related triggers (Paperfree PRO) to take actions based on user responses
  • Send push notifications and emails, create new tasks and change any status of your equipment


You set the rules, configure them.


You set the rules, configure them.

  • Configure user related actions or access roles to properly address the task
  • Rules can also be configured to be time-based if the specifications are executed at a certain frequency
  • Multiple rules can be configured at the same time
  • Your specific rules configuration will be displayed in the portal
  • Be faster by using flexible text templates for push notifications and emails

Start now to upside your business!


Start now to upside your business!

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