Asset PRO: the equipment software to get full visibility on location and condition of your assets.


  • Keep always track on your assets

  • Get full visibility on location and condition of your equipment

  • Tag everything with QR-codes or NFC-stickers

  • Report damage or order missing items easily

Find out how the iQonnect Asset PRO module works. 

Asset PRO lifts asset management to next level. Manage equipment, durable utensils and tools, track and trace them per site and user. Get full visibility on location, use and condition of your equipment via QR-Codes or NFC-stickers. Report damage or order missing items easily while dashboards give you a complete management overview.

Asset PRO allows you to tag tools and equipment with QR codes or NFC stickers to identify any equipment, as well as RFID labels. View their history and change status or submit a pre-configured form linked to this inventory.

Asset PRO can be used with any kinds of equipment, like mops, trolleys, sensors, dispensers, buckets, vacuum cleaners, scrubber-dryers and many more. 

Keep track on your assets.
For a full visibility on location and condition.


Define, register and get status information of all your equipment.


Define, register and get status information of all your equipment.

  • Register new devices in iQonnect on the portal or even easier, via your mobile app, which allows you to scan the QRcode or NFC-sticker to identify your equipment
  • Any of your equipment can be moved to another location / site or can be modified during its lifetime
  • For each piece of equipment, a number of characteristics can be retrieved, such as date of manufacturing, date of first use, location, description, current status, history of activities or even some custom metadata.
  • The complete history of status changes is stored and retained. For example, a status can be „in stock“, „ready“, „in use“, „in the laundry“, etc.

Manage your equipment in the cloud.


Manage your equipment in the cloud.

  • The complete history of submitted forms for each device is stored – the module Paperfree PRO is required to use the forms
  • All activities including form submissions are stored in real time in the cloud – use the modules Asset PRO and Report PRO
  • Use the module Automate PRO to change the equipment status automatically based on available triggers and conditions
  • Your Asset PRO module is enabled in iQonnect APIs so any equipment or tools can be created, modified, supplied with additional meta data, using the API, integration required

Start now to upside your business!


Start now to upside your business!

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